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Genealogy Cheat Sheets

Every time I needed to find the headings for census records or find if a particular census was available or get ideas about what types of records might help me break down a brick wall, I would have to stop and look up the information. I developed these cheat sheets to have a ready reference that was easy to carry and use and therefore would save me some time.

When I am on the road--at a courthouse, library or state archive, I don't have to wonder if they will have a reference book that will provide me with this basic information.

This series of cheat sheets will provide you with a quick reference of information that will be helpful in your research. By having these you will not have to rely on the library to have the books that would have this information, nor spend the time looking up a needed date or procedure.

Genealogy Cheat Sheets
®  Census details in easy to use charts (9 Charts)
®  Maps and charts showing the territorial acquisitions of the United States (3 charts & maps)
®  A list of conflicts and wars conducted by the United States from colonial times to the War in Afghanistan
®  Basic information of how to use the rectangular land survey system and how to read metes and bounds surveys. (7 charts & guides)
®  Charts of sources of information for birth, marriage and death dates (3 charts)
®  An extensive list of records and what information could be found in each record (214 different records)
®  A series of research helps:
o       Basic Library
o       Dates
o       Documentation Essentials
o       Names & Naming Patterns
o       Recording Data Properly
o       Relationship Chart
o       Research Notebook Checklist
o       Research Process

Ever wonder what you needed to bring with you when visiting a cemetery?

Ever wish you had remembered to bring your camera or tape recorder?

Genealogy Cheat Sheets also includes the "Tool Kits" section which provides you with:
®  A checklist of tools you will need at the library, courthouse--any repository you will be searching
®  How to set up a "portable office" to carry all of your office supplies in a 5" x 8" package.
®  A checklist of items you need to pack to take pictures, make a movie or record an interview.
®  A checklist of tools you will need to collect data at the cemetery.
®  A list of items for a first aid kit.
®  Tips on how to be safe in any research environment.
®  A list of items that should be in any genealogist home office.
®  Checklist of items for an interview.
®  Suggested items when traveling by air.

In Genealogy Cheat Sheets you get

®     27 charts
®     11 guides
®     3 maps

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Good luck with your research adventures!

Sandra M. Hammons